The EFPC control unit is intended to control the fuel metering pump (FMP) driven by BLDC electrical motor. EFPC control unit is designed to ensure safe and reliable control of the BLDC motor under various external conditions, including harsh environments and unknown initial states such as pressure in the fuel system, initial position of the rotor or necessary starting torque. FMP operates at variable speed depending on the fuel quantity required by the turbine. The FMP is controlled by the ECU in order to maintain the e-APU speed constant.

Technical parametrs:
Input power: 650 W
Operating speed range: 400 - 15 000 ot./min.
Speed accuracy: less than 1% from current rpm for the whole speed range
Reaction time: 10 ms
Achievement of steady state: 150 ms
Lifetime: minimum 30 000 flying hours or 30 years
Range of operating temperatures: -55°C up to 125°C
  • Redundant sensor / sensorless robust control algorithm,
  • HALL and BEMF fault detection and recovery,
  • 80 ms time constant for positive or negative fuel flow step in the whole speed range,
  • diagnostic algorithm implemented in PBIT, CBIT tests with 95% fault coverage,
  • possibility of service lifetime extension by progressive health monitoring and prediction algorithms,
  • maintenance operation is determined according to the current equipment state but minimum time is 6000 flying hours, 
  • design performed in accordance with DO160G standard.