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While constantly moving forward, it is always great to look back. At the ILA Berlin exhibition, we visited our long-standing Ukrainian business partners and held important strategic meetings. Together, we´ve brainstormed ideas, shared our vision and bolstered our commitment. ILA Berlin is currently not only the ideal place for such meetings, but also exciting showcase, inspiration and Innovation we have to be a part of...


Successful Meeting Between UNIS DAAC and EMBRAER During Incoming Mission of EMBRAER to Czechia

We are pleased to announce that our recent successful meeting with EMBRAER, during incoming business mission to Prague, holds great promise. Both teams had productive discussions, sharing insights and exploring opportunities for future collaboration in aerospace technology. We are excited about the potential for working together and look forward to what the future holds for UNIS DAAC and EMBRAER.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to innovate and collaborate.