A complex airplane engine control system, which consists of:

  • Two ECU modules,
  • one EMM module,
  • one VMM module,
  • one connector module.
Two-channel control modular system for AI450-S, AI451-S2 a BE2/BE2+ engines, which consists of 2 pieces ECU0 control unit, EMM0 monitoring unit – one piece, VMM0 vibromodule – one piece and a CON0 connector module – one piece. Each of these modules represents a single functional part – the whole unit is designed as a distributed system. If one of the modules fails, it is easy to be replaced; the other modules functionality is not affected. E451 ensures not only complete control of two-channel engine but also communication with board systems via I/O, ARNIC 429 protocol and communication with service system by ETHERNET interface.