E018 - Control system for aircraft engine

E018 is dual-channel engine control unit used to control engine D-18T series 3M/3A. The control unit is used to control the engine in all regimes and monitor its state and function.

E018 is part of the automatic engine control system, provides the function of generating electrical control commands, engine protection and ensuring the required engine operating conditions.

Unit is designed for a wide family of cargo and civil aircrafts. The first flight tests are scheduled on the Antonov An-124 aircraft.

Main functions:
  • Measurement of all inputs (continuous and discrete)
  • Control of all outputs (continuous and discrete)
  • Communication
  • Control of fuel flow
  • Control of stator blade angle
  • Start of the engine
  • Control of the engine in all regimes
  • Parameter limitation (shaft speeds, outlet temperature, etc.)
  • Diagnostics
  • Overspeed protection
  • Compressor surge detection

Technical parameters:
Weight < 12 kg
Power supply 27 V
Technical life 50 000 operating hours
Device Operational Temperature -55°C ÷ +85°C

Description of the Interface

Mechanical Interface
The unit has shape of a mechanical box with main dimensions as follows: 439 (width) x 282 (length) x 99 (height) [mm] The unit is mountable to the engine console by four silent blocks tightened by four bolts M6x40

Pressure Interface
Part of the unit is pressure module, which measures engine compressor pressure PK1, engine inlet pressure PVCH and atmospheric pressure PH. Pressure ports PVCH and PH have metric thread M14x1 and pressure port PK1 has M12x1. Pressure port PH is unconnected, whereas pressure ports PK1 and PVCH are connected to engine tubes leading to relevant engine parts.

Electrical Interface

The unit has 9 (nine) electrical connectors Souriau marked X1 – X9 and one grounding point X10. Summarization of unit interface can be found in below Table.
Interface type Quantity
channel total
Speed sensor inputs 6 12
Thermistor input 3 6
Thermocouple input 2 4
LVDT/RVDT/Resolver inputs 3 6
Pressure input (0-10V) 3 6
Discrete inputs 23 46
Discrete outputs 15 30
Analog output (current, range <-40,40>mA) 2 4
ARINC receive lines 4 8
ARINC transmit lines 3 6
CAN interfaces 2 3*
Power supplies 4 8

* One CAN interface is common for both channels