System of Avionics Modules SAM

The System of Avionics Modules (next SAM) is a unique open distribute system of avionics, which represents important specific functions of Ae270 aircraft.

Each module connects and automatically exercises functional processes in the airplane. It increases crew’s comfort during aircraft operation. Each module can work independently and can be arbitrarily enlarged and connected according to the customer’s demands via communication bus. The communication bus is realised by standard of serial CAN (Controller Area Network) bus with communication protocol HLP (Higher Layer Protocol) of CANaerospace standard.

Moreover, the system includes internal diagnostics functions preventing disrepairs.

SAM System versatility and modularity enables easy application in civil aviation.

SAM System is one of the first facilities in the world using data CAN bus with HLP CANaerospace which has been certified according to the FAA FAR23 standards for civil airspace utilization.

SAM Functions overview

Module Funtion discription Functions per [ATA] 
SAM_IUCH Electric Power Supply Control function 24-30
SAM_INP Airplane Control function 27-00
SAM_FUEL Fuel Supply Control function 28-00
SAM_TIM Fuel Distribution function 28-20
SAM_INP Hydraulics function 29-00
SAM_TIM System of pneumatics aerofoils defrosting function 30-10
SAM_TIM Reduced heating of pilot-static sensors on the ground   function 30-30
SAM_WSHD Windshields heating function 30-40
SAM_TIM Heating of propeller heating control function 30-60
SAM_ACC Y-multiple/multiplication monitoring function 31-30
SAM_MFD Multifunctional display function 31-60
SAM_ENG Engine parameters monitoring function 70-00
SAM_FUEL/SAM_TIM    Bilge pump monitoring function 73-20

Technical parameters:

Nominal voltage: + 28 V DC
Range of operation temperatures: -40°C up to +70°C
Range of storage temperatures: -40°C up to +85°C

SAM device responds to category B2, B3 (per FAR23) and RTCA/DO-178B, RTCA/DO-160C, JAR 21 standards.

SAM Applications:

The System of Avionics Modules (SAM) was primary developed for application in Ae270 the transport aircraft (low-wing single-engine turboprop multipurpose transport aircraft) which is produced by Ibis Aerospace Ltd. Company. SAM system (modularity) can be integrated into any avionics system.

Ibis Aerospace has been formed as Aero Vodochody (Czech Republic) a AIDC (Taiwan) manufacturers consortium.
Available documents

SAM datasheet (296.36 kB)
MFD datasheet (305.5 kB)