Klav is an electronic device designed for entering commands via an external 15 – key keyboard and LEDs of the corresponding key. KLAV communicates via CAN bus with the master device and includes the following inputs:

Connector K1 – power and communication:

Number Functions
2 CAN bus
1 Grounding CAN
2 Power

Connector K2 – buttons:

Number Functions
5 Keyboard row
3 Keyboard column
1 Not connected

Connector K3 – LEDs:

Number Functions
5 LEDs row
3 LEDs column
1 Not connected

The device reads input signals from the keyboard and, if changed (button press or release), the information is sent to the superior system (CMFD) via CAN bus. Furthermore, the device controls matrix connected LEDs and, according to packets received form CAN, the device controls LEDs.

Technical parameters:

Nominal voltage: + 24 VDC
Operating voltage: 19 V up to 28 V DC
Current consumption: 50 mA
Range of operating temperatures: -40°C to + 65°C
Range of storage temperatures: -40°C to + 65°C