Helium liquefier control system HEXTR

HEXTER control unit is an electronic device designed to control the performance of HEXT 2.1 and HEXT 2.2 expansion turbines (produced by PBS, a.s. company). The turbines are the part of the helium liquefier unit. HEXTR unit cooperates with the superior system which provides unit control and operating status indication of the whole system. The helium liquefier control system HEXTR is supplied with DC 24 V.

Main function is to regulate speed of both turbines to the required value and provides turbine acceleration and deceleration. Furthermore HEXTR provides monitoring and control of critical operating parameters and electronic protection of the turbines.

Technical specification:

Nominal voltage: + 24 V DC
Range of operating temperatures 0°C up to +40°C
Range of storage temperatures: -25 up to +70°C
IP Code: IP 23
Humidity: 65% (± 15%)
Atmospheric pressure: 860 - 1050 hPa
Compliance with the standards ČSN EN 50081-1 a ČSN EN 50082-1 (EMC standards)

HEXTR control system application:

Helium liquefier, PBS Velka Bites, Inc.