FPC2 Fuel Pump Control Unit

FPC2 electric unit serves to drive Electric motor of transport fuel pump (P/N:126 8312) of LUN 6289.xx series  (LUN 6289.xx is intended for airframe fuel system). The transport fuel pump is made in two versions.

The first model – (submersible pump model) – is set in the fuel tank of the aircraft.

The second model – is connected to the airframe fuel pipe as an auxiliary pump.

The FPC2 unit controls initiation and revolutions of brushless engine. It is intended for non-stop performance. The unit allows setting up, monitoring and storage of operation parameters.

FPC2 Unit Functions

Control Functions
  • Start
  • Revolutions
  • Current consumption

Check-out Functions

The unit switches off the engine as follows:
  • Short-circuit  -  HW protection
  •  Overvoltage  -  HW protection
  • Minimal level Revolutions speed decrease (adjustable parameter)
  • Overtemperature Protection
  • Undervoltage protection (adjustable parameter)
 Regulations of the Electromotor revolutions:
  • Overcurrent consumption Protection
  • Overtemperature protection
Monitored parameters

The unit monitors and stores the following data:
  • Electromotor Switch on and Start – in numbers
  • Engine Short circuits and Stops – in numbers
  • Overtemperature limits
  • Overvolatge limits
  • Overcurrent limits
  • Motor initiation and motor initiation failure – in numbers
  • Motor and electrionics runtime
  • Temperature history­ ­­– different tempereature range runtime
Technical parameters

The unit monitors and stores data as follows:

Range of operating temperatures:  from -55 °C do +60 °C, shortly (30 minutes) up to +70 °C
Range of storage temperatures: from -55 °C to +85 °C
Altitude range: H = 0 to H = 7 200 m
Nominal voltage: 28 V DC
Operating voltage: 22V up to 30.3 VDC
Voltage limits: 18.0 V up to 32.2 VDC
Nominal power: 150 W
Maximal constant power: 200 W
RPM: 6 000 up to 11 000 RPM
Weight: 600 g

The FPC2 unit is developed in accordance with the RTCA/DO160G standards.
The pump, together with the control unit, is applied in Ae270 transport aircraft (Ibis Aerospace Ltd.  manufacturer) or for multipurpose twin-engine amfibian aircraft Be-103 (Beriev manufacturer).