Foam Control Unit FCU v4

The unit FCU v4 controls foaming agent to be mixed into water. The unit includes magneto-inductive sensors of water and foam flow as well as the throttle mechanism controlled by the stepper motor to control foaming agent quantity. Unit is controlled by CAN bus and allows data saving and archiving on PC via communication interface RS-232C. Every unit provides autodiagnostics, which indicates on time potencial failure state.

Control and description

The FCU v4 unit measures individual flow rates and, according to setting of mixing agent quantity, it regulates (via the throttle mechanism) foaming agent flow which is subsequently mixed with water. The magneto-inductive sensors are used as the flow sensors in the range from DN20 up to DN150 (internal diameter of the sensor depends on the piping). The unit can be set into two-flow 2P or three-flow 3P mode. The unit can be controlled only via CAN bus.  The CAN bus serves for sending information concerning the unit status and individual flow rates. The switch VT/NT and foaming agent for closing the valve (I/O) can be connected to the unit as well.

System propreties:
  • Еasy operation,
  • fully electronic control of admixing with emergency control,
  • high precision flow measurement,
  • admixing regulation with resolution 0.1%,
  • self-diagnosis function,
  • user and service operation mode,
  • user configurable (calibration and control constants settings),
  • Czech and English language,
  • adjustable mixing ratio of (0.1 to 99%) for various foaming agents (e.g. PYROCOOL, etc.),
  • modularity and openness of the system,
  • the possibility of extending according to customer requirements,
  • mechanical resistance and high reliability,
  • wide operating temperature range.

Technical parametrs:

Nominal voltage: + 24 VDC
Operating voltage: 23 V - 32 V DC
Current consumption: max. 1,0 A
Range of operating temperatures: - 20°C to + 60°C conditioned by antifreezee of working fluid
Extended operating temperature range: -30°C to + 70°C with extended tolerance of inaccuracies conditioned by antifreeze of working fluid,
Range of storage temperatures: -40°C to + 80°C in unwatered state (transportation, storage, etc.).

Reverse polarity protection:
  • Extra attached unit is reverse polarity (for both polarities) voltage resistant,
  • recommended type of fuse: 250 V / F3,15 A (fuse or fuse holder is not included).

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