CPSP/A - TP100 TurboProp Engine Control Unit

CPSP unit is an electronic device designed to control TP100 engine /controlling/operating of TP100 engine/ (produced by PBS Velká Bíteš, a.s.). This device ensures supply of stabilized 28V voltage for onboard network / (This device ensures stable supply of 28 V voltage for onboard network.)

CPSP controls TP100 gas generator rotations by fuel supply change / changing. This fuel supply is ensured by the fuel pump, which is driven by two electric motors placed on one shaft. CPSP activates these motors to be controlled simultaneously to achieve power 1:1 ratio.

If one of the the motors fails or in case of CPSP pump driver failure, the second motor overtakes the power to minimize the TP100 rotations change.

The CPSP unit is controlled via serial CAN bus, or via Uctrl control power voltage. CPSP holds two separate CAN buses intended for the unit control, for diagnostics data outputs and for specified parameters modification via PC or via supreme system.

CPSP enables data collection. Data of failures during operation and running data are recorded.

CPSP is powered by nominal 28VDC voltage.

The CPSP unit is connected to the on-board power (network) via external CPSP-U connector. The connector ensures CPSC disconnection from the on-board system in exceptional on-board network conditions.

The CPSP unit is fit in duraluminium arch shaped case. See the enclosure B