CPSJ v 2.1 /A / C - TJ100 TurboJet Engine Control Unit

CPSJ is an electronic unit designed for TJ100 engine control (the engine is produced by PBS, Velká Bíteš a.s.company) and ensures supply of stable 28 V voltage for onboard network.

Main functions of CPSJ control unit are:
  • Turbine RMP regulation of a desired speed (from 0 up to 60 000 RMP),
  • acceleration and deceleration turbine control,
  • onboard electric power supply,
  • control and monitoring turbine operating parameters.

CPSJ unit can be controlled either via serial CAN 2.0 bus (Controller Area Network) with HLP communication protocol (Higher Level Protocol) of CANaerospace standard, or via control voltage 0 – 10V.
Serial CAN bus is intended not only for unit control. It also serves for diagnostics data outputs and for specified parameters modification via PC.

Turbine CPSJ control unit monitors and controls the following parameters:
  • Overspeed,
  • underspeed performance,
  • minimal speed performance,
  • underspeed decrease,
  • exhaust fume temperature,
  • oil pressure loss,
  • presence of rotation sensing signal,
  • centrifuge rotation,
  • fuel and oil pump operation control,
  • power electronics temperature,
  • HW failure.

Technical parameters:

Output Power: 1kW
Nominal voltage: 28 VDC
Operating voltage: 18 up to 31 VDC
Maximum operating altitude: 10 700 m
Range of operation temperatures: -40°C up to +70°C
Outside dimensions (L x W x H): 214 x 94 x 80 mm
Weight: 1,1 kg